Motion Identity & Applications for Fintech

A character with character.

Oka is the new fintech for one of the most important appliance chains in the country. The fun part of the project was that the logo gave the spotlight to a character: Aoki.

Simple but with enought detail, we used 2D & 3D character animation to create an arrange of expressions. This balance enabled Aoki to communicate intricate topics with no sweat.

Shine bright

Since Aoki had to work on both realms -offline & online- and worse, talk about money and credit scores. We explore tons of possibilities for him to shine.

We dove deep into development with the branding team, expanding upon the existing visual language with a motion system designed to delight and inform in equal parts.

A gifs of expressions

From initial sketches all the way to 3D rendering, we came out with 9 initial expressions wich could work in a loop. Despite the obvious limitations, we discovered that GIFs could provide a heck of a lot of story.

Lets co-create something great for your brand.